4 Domino - home of our Design Director, Temo Callahan


Inspired Irreverence:
Bravely covered in bold, fantastical patterns, Temo Callahan's tiny New York apartment is an ode to embellishment. The design virtuoso shows us how he concocted a sense of grandeur by dressing everything from the living room to the stove.

It should come as no surprise that a man devoted to the pursuit of beautiful motifs would have a bedazzling apartment. Consider: Temo Callahan spent the 1980's and '90s as director of the legendary fabric firm Clarence House; in 2004, he launched the pioneering wallpaper company Studio Printworks, where he commissions striking, outre styles from contemporary artists Rob Wynne and Kiki Smith. And yet, after navigating the narrow streets of his gritty Manhattan neighborhood and climbing the stairs of his unprepossessing building, visitors can't help experiencing a bit of shock. A devil-may-care mix of magnificent wallpapers, art and objects from his travels, Callahan's small, nondescript rental is a vertiable diamond in the rough. "I've lived here for 29 years, experimenting with scale, color and pattern-and collecting treasures from around the world," he says. "This is my aerie."