Artist * Kiki Smith "Seven Sisters" & "Maiden & moonflower"



March 2008

Dennis Shah, president of Studio Printworks announced today that the renowned contemporary artist Kiki Smith has created a design for the much touted, art driven wallpaper company. “We are delighted to be able to produce a work by someone of Kiki’s stature,” said Shah. “It has been an extraordinary experience to be associated with her.”

The design is titled ‘Maiden & Moonflower’ and is hand printed on untrimmed paper, 24” wide and with a 76” vertical repeat.

“It is thrilling to see a great artist cross over into the decorative arts in the tradition of Dufy and Picasso,” said Temo Callahan, the design director of Studio Printworks. “Kiki not only provided the design, she actually traced it on the acetate for the production of the screens,” he added, “When buyers purchase this wallpaper they are obtaining real art in Kiki’s own hand. That is exciting.”

The design itself depicts an evening scene: A woman stands beneath a tree bough inhabited by night creatures and surrounded by stars. The technique calls to mind 14th-century German woodcut patterns, but in Smith’s inimitable drawing style. “‘Maiden & Moonflower’ addresses spiritual and eternal aspects of human nature, our connection to the universe, yet our singular journey… Not bad for mere wallpaper,” concluded Callahan.

It is available in six color combinations.

NEW: "Seven Sisters" SPRING 2013