Artist * Rob Wynne "Flypaper"


Press Release

22 June 2009

Contemporary Artist Rob Wynne Creates a Design for Studio Printworks

New York – Studio Printworks announced today the release of a new wallpaper design called “Flypaper” by the well-known contemporary artist Rob Wynne. “We are honored to add Rob to the list of important artists who are working with us,” said Dennis Shah, president of Studio Printworks. “It is satisfying to see how fascinating decorative art can be when rendered by the hand of someone from the fine arts.” He added, “The cross pollination process is exciting to watch and to be a part of.”

“Flypaper” depicts over-scaled houseflies gamboling and cavorting on a clean, smooth paper surface. “The effect is extraordinary,” said Temo Callahan, design director of Studio Printworks. “Rob has taken the most mundane thing you could think of - the common housefly - and turned it into a neo-surrealist, rococo delight.” He continued, “Think of it, metallic gold flies on a pink ground, silver on pale green, bronze on pea-green, a thing of revulsion suddenly becomes a thing of beauty.”

Wynne has been a part of the New York art scene since the early 1980s and was shown in the 1990s by the celebrated gallerist Holly Solomon. An installation of “Flypaper” was included in his solo show at JMG Galerie in Paris (Spring 2009).

Since its launch in the autumn of 2004 Studio Printworks has received numerous accolades for its work with contemporary artists and has been included in nine museum shows internationally and will be part of an upcoming show at the Brooklyn Museum.

Callahan concluded, “‘Flypaper’ is totally chic wherever you hang it, but I especially like it in kitchens, bathrooms and rooms where mayhem has occurred.”

“Flypaper” is available in five color combinations