Artist * The Hilton Brothers "Andy Dandy" & "Blossom Dearie"


Press Release

October 1, 2010

Iconic Photograph of Andy Warhol becomes Studio Printworks Wallpaper
New York – Dennis Shah, president of Studio Printworks, announced today the release of two new wallpaper designs by the contemporary art duo, the Hilton Brothers, A. K. A. Christopher Makos and Paul Solberg.
“We are honored to add Chris and Paul to our roster of fine artists who have created hand screen wallpaper designs for us,” said Shah. “Our Great Contemporary Artists Collection currently includes Michele Oka Doner, Kiki Smith, Rob Wynne, Mark Fox and others. The Hilton Brothers add spice to our list.”
Photographer Christopher Makos was the premier chronicler of the New York scene in the 1970s and 80s. His images of Andy Warhol clad in platinum wig and women’s makeup have become iconic.
“It seemed a natural to turn one of the images into a highly pixilated piece of silkscreen art a la Warhol. We call it ‘Andy Dandy,’” said Temo Callahan, design director of Studio Printworks, “It is witty, but it also exudes a rare beauty.”
For a companion piece Solberg was recruited and one of his large, single flower-head photographs became “Blossom Dearie” produced with the same pixel technique.
“The pattern repeats for ‘Andy Dandy’ and ‘Blossom Dearie’ are the same, as are the color combinations,” continued Callahan, “They can be hung individually or as alternating strips, side-by-side or straight across. The possibilities are endless.”
“Paul and I are very excited by this project,” said Makos. “It was a dream working with the Studio Printworks team of designers and artisans.”
“To see 200-foot-long tables with artisans hand screening is mind boggling,” added Solberg, “Very Dickensian.”