Collaborating with The Artists

“It has been the goal of Studio Printworks, since its founding in 2005, to promote the cross pollination between the fine arts and the decorative arts,” says Dennis Shah, president of the hand screen, wallpaper printing company. “Let’s face it,” he adds, “history is full of high artists getting down and decorative.” Shah is referring to the likes of Picasso, Dufy, Berard, and ,yes, even Michelangelo, great artists of their time creating what can be called decorative art.


It is in this tradition that Studio Printworks, in 2008, began its Great Contemporary Artists Collection to re-connect décor with the high art world. “We were lucky to start out with someone of the stature of Kiki Smith,” says Temo Callahan, design director of the company. “Now we are contacted pretty much every week either directly by artists or by their galleries,” he continues.  “Kiki gave us the credentials we needed among serious artists to pick and choose, and to maintain a high level of artistic integrity.” 


“We only add an artist to this particular collection once or twice a year,” adds Shah. “This gives us the proper time needed to promote the work.”


So far, the Great Contemporary Artists Collection includes “Maiden & Moonflower,” a dreamy scene of longing and expectation, by Smith; “Microscopic” and “Telescopic,” which incorporate floating, organic motifs by the renowned sculptress Michele Oka Doner; “Flypaper,” an ironic design that lifts the common housefly to heights of rococo splendor, by painter-sculptor Rob Wynne; “Relics” and “Phantom,” by textual and paper-cutout sculptor Mark Fox; and “Andy Dandy” and “Blossom Dearie,” by the Hilton Brothers, aka photographers Christopher Makos and Paul Solberg, whose silk screen technique shows the influence of mentor Andy Warhol.


“We choose very carefully,” concludes Callahan. “We want to create designs that are stimulating intellectually as well as beautiful on an emotional level. I think so far, so good.”


Studio Printworks “artist papers" have been included is numerous museum and gallery shows worldwide.

The Great Contemporary Artists & their creations for STUDIO PRINTWORKS

* Kiki Smith - "Maiden & Moonflower" & "Seven Sisters"

* Rob Wynne - "Flypaper"

* Michele Oka Doner - "Microscopic" & "Telescopic"

* Mark Fox - "Relics" & "Phantom"

* The Hilton Brothers - "Andy Dandy" & "Blossom Dearie"

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